The CyberWater project creates a new cyberinfrastructure with an open data, open modeling framework software.

What Is CyberWater?

The goal of this project is to reduce the user time and effort needed for hydrologic modeling studies, thereby expediting fundamental knowledge discoveries. In addition to facilitating diverse data and model integration while ensuring reproducible computing, CyberWater also enables on-demand access to high-performance computing facilities.

An Open Data, Open Model Framework

Data and Model Integration in Water Science and Engineering

Data and Model Agents

MSM (Meta-Scientific-Modeling) is an open data open model framework that provides a sophisticated workflow-controlled modeling environment for heterogeneous data and model integration without a need for a central administration.

Generic Model Toolkits

A set of generic workflow modules are offered to be used for constructing a model agent for an individual model in the form of a generic workflow segment, where each component represents and fulfills an individual task that a user’s specific model agent would accomplish.

High Performance Computing

A high performance computing module is offered to provide high-performance computing capacity for executing the user’s model by seamlessly connecting it to either academic supercomputer or commercial cloud platforms. It retrieves the results back to the workflow when the execution of the user’s model on the remote HPC platform is completed.